Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Summer Goals

        I am very excited for this upcoming summer. It is the first time I am really doing anything to prove my ability in a research/lab environment. I hope to demonstrate my determination and skill set that I bring to the table. These are very respected people who's insight can teach me so much.  Learning from very qualified professors might give me ever lasting connections that can build me to the path of success. Asking questions is always a smart thing to do to stand out. Proving to them that I am more than capable to complete any task at hand is my main goal. I am very passionate about engineering, and know that one day I will chose a career geared towards it.              
        Not only do I hope to make connections with the people I work with, but keep a positive attitude throughout my experience and learn not to procrastinate, even with the most simplest of  things. Waiting until the last minute to finish my homework and project was something that I always had a hard time with. I understand how important it is to hand things in on time, even early. The  chance the CRISP Internship has given me is something I cannot take advantage of. The people are relying on me to do my job; if I cannot provide what they need everyone is let down. Throughout my experience working at the SCSU Physics Lab, I hope to maintain my bright and optimistic outlook despite the setbacks that are inevitably waiting. It is very easy for myself to get angry and frustrated, but remembering to stay calm and breath will help me maintain my focus. It is going to be hard but in the end it will all be worth it.

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