Thursday, June 23, 2016

Skills and Knowledge I Want to Acquire

Since I will be working in a scientific research laboratory, I would like to learn more about biology.  To be specific, I want to learn about biological noise and genetic diversity and how proteins affect gene expression.  I also want to know how research is conducted in a wet lab.  Through my internship, I also want to learn how to develop scientific presentations and how to present to a scientific audience.  I also want to be able to present my research via presentation board and make it attractive and aesthetically pleasing for the audience.

Personally, I want to fix my procrastination issue and do all of my work on time.  Procrastination has been a longtime issue for me, and if I do continue this behavior, it will only make things harder for me in the future.  I also want to improve my motivation and dedication to science through my internship.  I want to be more invested in science since I do want to pursue a career in this field.


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