Monday, June 6, 2016

My Goals and Expectations for this Summer

Hello all,

My name is Mahdeen Khan, and I am a rising junior attending James Hillhouse High School.  I will be interning for the first time at Dr. Kathryn Miller-Jensen's lab this summer.

Through this internship, I hope to gain more knowledge about biology, specifically about the human cell and genes.  I also want to be able to do well in the lab and meet my PI's expectations.  I will accomplish these goals by reading scientific articles about the topics I am researching and paying attention to Dr. Miller-Jensen.  By asking questions, I can further understand my research.  Hopefully, through my internship, I will also be able to acquaint with the other students in my lab and be able to network, all to improve my social skills and gain contacts.

On a more personal note, I wish to improve my procrastination and laziness and become more dedicated to the field of science.  When Dr. Miller-Jensen asks me to do assignments, I will need to do them immediately.  I need to make this a habit, so I will always get my work done on time.  This measure is not the only way to solve my procrastination problem.  Motivation and an interest in what I'm researching will also help me procrastinate less.  By being more interested in my work, I will feel more inclined to do it, and therefore get it done faster.

Hopefully, I will achieve these goals and become one step closer to figuring out what I want to do in life.


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