Thursday, June 9, 2016

Internship and Personal Goals

             One of my goals for this internship is to decide if I am interested in pursuing an engineering career. I'm aware engineering is a broad field, and the lab I will be working in does not define the entire career path. However, it would help me narrow down my interests in order to give me the head start that will help me in college. I will achieve this goal by being on top of everything from the beginning of my internship. I will ask questions as they arise, ensuring that I am retaining and understanding the information I am given. I will always be attentive and invested in the work that I do within the internship. Another goal I have is to build connections that can benefit me in the future. The internship in itself is an incredible opportunity, but it can also blossom into other opportunities through the connections I build. I can do this by making a good impression on my PI and the other adults working in the lab. I will be early and give my fullest effort on every task I am given. I will only demonstrate my best work through the internship, and maintain a good work ethic.
             A personal goal I have for myself is to cut the time it takes me to run three miles down by five minutes. I joined the cross country team last year, and I was not prepared for the season. This year, I will condition in the summer with the rest of the team in order to be properly prepared for the upcoming season and improve my times. The cross country meets are usually around three miles long, so if I could cut down my time it would greatly improve my competition performance.

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