Friday, July 22, 2016

Lab Update: Week 3

7/18 Monday - Went over Apple's feedback independently. Made minor edits to poster, mostly worked on reading up on lanreotide for the weekly article.

7/19 Tuesday - Went over poster feedback with Apple. Made major changes to the poster. Went back and revised my image processing system, using heavier filters and using a variety to be able to show the different results on my poster. Using a 9.0 pixel radius Mean filter instead of a 3.0 pixel radius Mean filter and a 3.0 pixel radius Gaussian Blur instead of a 2.0 pixel radius Gaussian blur before using a Default threshold gave much smoother results.

7/20 Wednesday - Worked more on formatting the Results section of the poster, using the images from the process created yesterday. Got feedback from a friend, who suggested defining more of the ImageJ vocabulary.

7/21 Thursday - Attempted to use the same imaging process on other images, but ran across a problem with analyzing the binary image created. Added more to the Abstract and reformatted the poster. Experimented more with different filters, trying to find a way to get rid of more grayish artifacts that were interfering with some particle outlines. Wasn't able to find a way to separate the two. Still stuck on how to analyze some of the particles.

7/22 Friday - Experimented more with analyzing particles. Played around with estimated particle size to try to get proper outlines of the lareotide nanotubes. Worked on conclusion, methods, and reference sections of the poster. Implemented feedback from friend and added a bit more explanation on some vocabulary.

-Patricia Acorda

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