Thursday, July 21, 2016

Lab Update: Week 2

7/12 Tuesday - The focus of our research project was switched from iron sucrose molecules to lanreotide nanotubes. We were given the nessecary information and supplementary articles by the lab members working on the project and given a chance to watch the lanreotide nanotubes being imaged on the transmission electron microscope (TEM), where we were also allowed to try using the TEM ourselves. We were assigned to work with the images from July 7, 2016 and given time to freely experiment with different ImageJ functions. I created my first imaging process theory, recording my process in Word. Though my imaging results weren't that great.

7/13 Wednesday - I did more independent research on the importance of lanreotide for the purpose of my poster, which I managed to organize and complete a little bit of. Continuing from Week 1, we learned more about using ImageJ and how to properly process the images given to us. We were given more advice on what different filters did to images and the reasoning behind using filters and auto thresholding techniques as well as the importance behind the image histograms.

7/14 Thursday - I did more poster organization, beginning to actually create it in powerpoint and plan out what to write. I did more experimentation with ImageJ, really starting to understand the program after further instructions and advice from a program expert. I developed my second imaging process theory, this time with better results. 

7/15 Friday - I finished the Results and Discussion section of my poster using the second imaging process theory and sent the poster to Apple for feedback.

-Patricia Acorda 

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