Friday, August 12, 2016

Internship Review

Reviewing my summer goals that I set at the beginning of this internship, I did fairly well and got comfortable with openly asking questions to my lab members when needed. This has helped me be more familiar with the feeling of talking out more, though I did not participate in any presentations so far. (So my practice with my presentation skills has been minimal.) I really put a lot of effort into what I was learning and I got to learn more about the process these research projects go through. This summer, I was able to properly pace myself through the long-term project of creating a poster to present what I had learned and worked on. My internship goals of pacing myself and speaking out were completed.

This summer, what I really enjoyed was watching how other lab members worked through their projects. I loved shadowing them as they worked on the equipment or listening as they presented their projects. I really wish we had more presentation opportunities and more chances to see the process that other lab members go through.

Through this internship I learned how to work an image processing program, how to more comfortably speak up and ask questions, how to pace myself on a long term project, how different electron microscopes work, how to properly organize a research poster, and more about the nanotechnology field and what it entails.

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